New Kickstarter Edition

The Revised Kickstarter Edition of FONT is now complete. This is the version of the game that we've been iterating towards and we're excited to share it with you

There are now two versions of the game text: one for booklet-printing and another that's more screen-friendly.

Each spread of the booklet includes a setting prompt, a character sheet, and the full procedures of the game. This makes it easy to pick a prompt and start playing, without having to reference any other rules.

If you're familiar with the previous versions of FONT, you'll notice:

  • More support for establishing your setting before play
  • Added clarity on the overall flow of play
  • Added clarity on choosing Marks
  • A new implementation of Boons


FONT ZINE Booklet.pdf 50 MB
Aug 11, 2021
FONT ZINE Screen.pdf 929 kB
Aug 11, 2021


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Love the changes! Quick question, though, are the playbooks missing part V?

You're right, the playbooks are skipping step V. We're really glad someone caught this before we send the booklets to print. We'll update the texts and upload the revised version. Thanks for letting us know!

Glad to be of service! I always hesitate before sending feedback like this. Your game is wonderful.